Final Composition

In this project it was fun to be able to finally work with color. For my compositions I wanted to keep it fairly simple but still interesting to look at. For my first photo, the complimentary composition, it was rather easy to work with since it only involved the two colors, light orange and grey blue. The blue C.M.Y.K numbers are C:36, M:17, Y:2, K:7 and the light orange C.M.Y.K numbers are C:11, M:27, Y:33, K:0. For my triad composition I chose my right eye as the vocal point and played around with the background so your eye really draws to the right eye. This composition came easy to me because I immediately knew what I wanted to achieve. The new color that was needed for the triad composition was the purple, and its C.M.Y.K numbers are C:47, M:60, Y:12, K:0. For my analogous composition it was difficult to choose a vocal point as well as choosing which colors were meant to go where. The composition is sort of hard to see and I struggled with the colors a lot. I first chose my eyes as the vocal point but quickly realized it was starting to look too similar to others and I should choose a new vocal point this time around. So I chose the mouth as my vocal point by putting a green bar around it. I think it turned out well in the end because the green really sticks out while the blue and the blue green sort of blend together. There are two new colors introduced to this composition and those colors are the blue green for the background and the green for the green bar. The blue green C.M.Y.K numbers are C:49. M:0, Y:23, K:0 and the green C.M.Y.K numbers are C:56, M:0, Y:58, K:0.

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