Yunique’s Refined Sketches (Step 3)

This is the refined and final sketch of my ambiguous photo of the hole in the wall. I’ve decided to change it up a bit and just really focus on the hole elements and see how I could put it on my bristol board on ink. The darker shades of black on the actual hole itself was represented in my image and I decided to incorporate it onto the refined version. The specs outside of the hole itself is peeling paint that surrounds it.

This is my refined and final sketch of my obvious image of the reflected window. Now as you can see I’ve also decided to scratch away most of the elements in my first sketch as it made it look a bit more ambiguous. I thought it was one of my best refined images due to me making it simple and not too complex. I focused more on what was being shown in the window reflection which was dirt (30%) and the background which was (70%)  . I was going to add aspects of the dirt being in the wall in the back, but I wanted to make it look more unique in my own way.

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