Project 1 Discover Joshua Smith

Image 1 Ambiguous
This sign used to belong to a lively retail establishment that sold many goods to welcomed customers. Many people were happy with the store, including employees and customers. With time going by, people have lost interest in the store and the store has gone bankrupt. This has lead the store to become abandoned and the sign that was hung proudly above the store has deteriorated and destroyed throughout time.

Image 2 Ambiguous
A crosswalk light has many stories. Watching people constantly walking people back and forth so they can arrive at their destinations. This crosswalk light has helped people cross the street through the biting cold, radiating heat, the trickling rain, the happiest days and depressing nights. This crosswalk light has scars to show for everything it went through with the loss of cheap paint on its surface. Even with the scars it got from its journey, it still chooses to help the people who need to cross the street.

Image 3 Ambiguous
The outline wall of this door was covered in cheap paint during the beginning of its time. That was until it was washed down with constant rain destroying the paint it once had. Some of the paint on the wall was too determined the leave which eventually left the wall with this decayed look to it. Rain still falls on this wall on occasion which leads the rain to become his worst enemy.

Image 1 Obvious
People and vehicles of many shapes and sizes have walked and drove over this very street. With the rough texture of people’s shoes and car tires, this has destroyed the good paint that was laid upon this street. Though being destroyed, it is still trying its best to hold the paint together.

Image 2 Obvious
A young man decided to spray paint this nice representation of nature near a park. Kids eventually found their way to this spray-painted art and not knowing any better, they proceeded to destroy it by scraping it with sticks, rocks, coins and many other materials they could find for fun.  This left a giant scape mark on this spray-painted art.

Image 3 Obvious
Cheap paint being destroyed by a passerby is a very common thing in this city. Curious hands by people have been chipping away at this wall for many years which caused some of the paint to fall off. The wall will continue to chip away until needing to be repainted again in the near future.

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