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From The Aggressive yet comical point the articles and videos stood in defense of i would have to disagree . they spoke on how copy rights aren’t fair and are a choke hold. on the contrary i believe that copy writes are good and stand in place for the majority. if i had work out there and someone was to create something off my idea i want a type of intensive of any form not always money but recognition for your creation,because i helped to make it what it is. it sucks for the deep thinkers and the time spent doing these things and someone else to claim that its thiers and that they did it and i stand on the side of the law with my best foot forward

Media Convergence

As the years go on technology is becoming more and more a necessity and an obsession. It’s kind of scary how a single device that fits in the palm of your hand can carry basically your whole life. From your passwords, to personal bank account information. Since most applications run through a certain domain; apple runs through iCloud where as Samsung runs on Android app world, it can give one a feeling of discomfort knowing that our accounts are on these and anything we download is basically through this meaning any information we store will also be on these as well.Each year some new means of technology comes out and we spend our money on it not really understanding what information we are actually entrusting to this device!

Convergence Is Evolution

Does it matter if the Apple Company has transformed iTunes into a massive media convergence? One of the sole purposes of technology is to make life easier and its obvious that some people have a problem with that. Personally to me, it does not matter what new inventions come out or how it will make my life easier. I just know that technology such as iTunes gives me all i need in most cases to keep me entertained. Technology convergence is also more convenient for many people such the usage of the iPhone for example, which can tell you just about anything you want or communicate whenever and however you wish. The expansion of the internet or the application of iTunes is the evolution of tomorrow and it is very interesting to see how these inventions turn out to be and may someday be everything.


In chapter one of Content, Computing, Communications, the authors Meikle & Young talk to us about how ITunes developed. ITunes was introduced by Apple in 2001. You could use ITunes to listen and organize your music It was introduced so that users could ‘rip, mix, and burn’ their music. In 2003 Apple introduced the ITunes music store, where it was both digital and networked. By introducing the music store, it gave you the opportunity to buy not only music but movies, TV shows, books, games, and images as well. Technology went from being something small to something that is so big which continues to change and grow.

Is quantity more important? Sept. 16th

As consumers, we are given many options when it comes to how we listen to music, but by far the most popular is downloading mp3s. Mp3s digitize the music and ultimately make it more accessible and portable for everyday users. People with phones or mp3 devices easily carry around thousands of songs in their pockets, a feat that is quite impossible with CD’s or even the bigger vinyl. But are we actually listening to those thousand songs? Not in the qualitative sense but literally. I am certain that no one has ever listened to all their songs straight through because we all have those few songs that we skip over when they come on. Aside from quantity, some argue that we are sacrificing quality by listening to music digitally. Quality in this argument is not subjective, there are actual sound quality differences between mp3s, CD’s and vinyls dealing with the compression of the musical information in each format. But since musical quality is becoming a non factor for more and more individuals, I guess it’s satisfactory.

Sept.16th Homework

In the introduction of the text of “Content, Computing, Communications”, Meikle and Young both explain how Itunes went from a software where you can put and organize your music into a software where media content is now converged into its space.

In 2001, Itunes was introduced by Apple as a means for Macintosh computer users to rip, mix, and burn their music collection. But then in April 2003, iTunes became a networked media environment thanks to the introduction of the iTunes music store where now you can buy music, watch tv, listen to the radio and even buy and watch films. Now you can even view and share pictures.

But what i want to know is why did Apple take a simple software where you can store and organize your music and converged it into the social media field? Why did Apple not simply make another software?

Media Convergence transforming information

Media Convergence authors, Graham Meikle and Sherman Young, divulge into the ever transformation of the field of information technology. They break the barriers of substandard nicknames for technological processes, and provide astounding examples of how Media and information is essentially “converging” and changing the process in which information is sent and received.

Its truly fascinating how rapidly society has improved our modes of information reception. For instance, most adults can recall the obnoxious sounds of dial-up and exceptionally long wait; whilst today, connecting is wifi is virtually effortless (and soundless). Hours spent in the library attempting to locate books that correlate to a project, is now minimized to a mere few minutes at a computerized resource machine or online databases! Technology is transforming and slowly converging into something that would cause the world to blacken should that technology cease to exist. 

Media Convergence, Meikle and Young

Media has become the center of almost everything in the world. Everyone is exposed to media, for example, facebook, twitter and the news etc. To Meikle and Young, media convergence means, information passed across various media platforms. Meikle and Young use the example of wikileaks to show how the group published many documents through various media sources like the internet, newspaper, and on television when the public watches the news. They also talk about how television and the internet are becoming the same type of media. As well as how people try to develop new ways of interacting with media and how the average number of hours that people are using media is increasing.

Media Convergence: Sept. 11th

In the introduction of the reading of Media Convergence, the authors Graham Meikle and Sherman Young both explain how media has become an important factor in our life. In the text, it says “the average person spends almost nine hours a day using media – watching tv, reading newspapers, listening to the radio, texting, gaming and using the internet ” (Meikle and Young, 2nd page). We are spending more of our time on media than we are spending when we are sleeping, and when we are at the workplace (2). “The media are no longer just what we watch, listen to or read – the media are now what we do” (Meikle and Young, 2nd page).

September 11th homework

Basically what Mikle and Young are telling us in their introduction,is that we have so many resources where we can get information that are needed.Newspapers, television,websites, social networks ,chats,world around us.As an example authors use a activist site WikiLeaks,that become very famous in year 2010 ,after publishing several secret information of U.S. Government. This website came under extraordinary political pressure.,but still they found ways ,how to deliver information to the rest of the world.Authors also tell that we spend more time reading media,than we sleep or spend time at work.Media become something very very important in our life.Its no longer what we listen to or read , its what we do.