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HW 10/7/13

Basically this article “Opening access to knowledge” discuss a very popular problem today. Why should students pay for educational materials that are needed for the class or some project. Sometimes student pay that money for nothing. Author does not understand ,why student should pay twice for material that was written mostly by university professors for student education. One of those companies is JSTOR, they provide educational materials that suppose to be free ,for money. JSTOR has provided an important service to academic and other research communities by scanning back issues of journals and offering subscriptions to research institutions,but this storehouse of knowledge is not as openly available as Swartz apparently thought it should be. He downloaded 4 million articles from the JSTORE in only one purpose ,to show to the government and rest of the country ,that educational material must be free for students.Federal prosecutors decided to charge him with 13 felony offenses,which lead him to commit a suicide.

HW 09/25/13

What is copyright? A lot of us heard this word many times , but less of us know ,what it really means.Basically every original work of author has a copyrights, same at the web.I think every teacher or professor in the college has told us ,that we cant use information or works of other people from the web ,its illegal and against the law, in some private colleges people were kicked out because of copyright violence.We can use digital copies ,but cant use other people writings. We can use copyright ,but only under doctrine of fair copyright use.Even some commercial products have special label ,where is written, that their product is only for educational or private use.Educators can use copyrighted material ,only if its relevant to their topic and they should provide protection against third-party access and download.And finally,students can use copyrighted material only if they need to make some presentation or its needed in educational purpose,they can use different videos ,music to develop and discuss their topic, But they cant never copy and paste some authors ideas in their work,its illegal.


In my opinion people who steel other persons thoughts or who copying some thoughts from other blogs and after that publishing those thoughts in their own blogs, don’t have own opinion.Basically they live other person’s life,they can’t make something own.The best example of plagiarism is “Assassin of Secrets” where most of the text was stolen from other famous books.Thirty-four instances of plagiarism in the first thirty-five pages was found in that book.The making of a plagiarist can be hard to distinguish from the making of a writer.The author of “Assassin of Secrets” is Quentin Rowan.In this book he used specific method,where he stick together text from different books and outcome is absolutely new book,that is not similar to other books from other authors.From my personal experience i can compare this method with method which famous DJ’s use today.They choose some famous song.Mix this song with some other , or just change tempo of this song.They make beat faster or slower, they have thousands of techniques how to make song better for listeners.Same with this book by Rowan.Some people liked this new book , for someone it become more interesting than books,that they read before.

HW. Monday ,September 23

I think every internet users knows what is Wikipedia. Most of us know, this is a website where we can find information about everything.Wiki helps us with school homework and in usual life ,when we want find out something.But not every user knows ,that wiki has 2,2 million articles and its not a commercial product.We will not see any commercial on that website.Wiki was constructed by a strangers ,who made it for non profit purpose.They call themselves “editors”.Everyone can post information about some topic they know but the end product had to make legible sense and sound encyclopedic.For some people ,wiki its like a video game.You can become addicted to it . Personally ,i don’t understand how people can waste so many time posting some articles for people who they don’t know. But still i want thank those people.Their articles helped me out many times ,when i studied in high school.So guys if you have a bunch of free time , go ahead ,become a wiki editor.

Zines “September 18th” HW

A lot of people who doesn’t read nothing about “Zines”,will ask themselves,What is that? Word “Zine” comes from Arabian word “makhzan,” which means storehouse. Zine is a small non-commercial magazine,mostly photocopied ,that is published by one person or a few individuals.Usually zine publishers write about their own interests and its oriented to a very small group of people that have same interests.For example: punk,rock music.Most zines have not so many copies, about hundred or two hundred.The main thing about zines is that their are underground publications and its very hard to find them, they are not available in every store.Mostly zine publishers ,work on their magazines to realize themselves and to share what they are created.And finally,the best thing about zines: There is no rules! You can write there whatever you want its your own choice!

September 11th homework

Basically what Mikle and Young are telling us in their introduction,is that we have so many resources where we can get information that are needed.Newspapers, television,websites, social networks ,chats,world around us.As an example authors use a activist site WikiLeaks,that become very famous in year 2010 ,after publishing several secret information of U.S. Government. This website came under extraordinary political pressure.,but still they found ways ,how to deliver information to the rest of the world.Authors also tell that we spend more time reading media,than we sleep or spend time at work.Media become something very very important in our life.Its no longer what we listen to or read , its what we do.