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This week: the research paper and the online documentation project

Today everyone self-organized into groups for the online documentation project. We reviewed the guidelines for the project and the group presentation. On Wednesday, we’ll meet in our regular classroom, A543, so that groups can work on their projects together. Next week we will meet in A540, the library’s large e-classroom, so that groups can use class time to work on their projects.

Remember that the final version of the research paper is due by 10 a.m. on Thursday, December 5, sent to me as an email attachment. As always, please get in touch with any questions you have about this assignment.

~Prof. Leonard

Summary of today, and assignments for Monday, December 2

Today we discussed process documentation and shared examples we found online and elsewhere. You may find it helpful to review the Robinson and Edge readings; they provide good examples of process documentation.

This Wednesday, November 27 is a Friday schedule, so we don’t meet. On Monday, December 2 we will review the guidelines for the online documentation project and form groups based on shared interests. Start thinking about the type of project you would like to create: a research tool, an information resource, or a research game. Think about your own information needs and how they are fulfilled (or not) with the strategies and tools we have discussed and used in this class. Attendance next Monday is very important!
Between December 4 – December 11 we will meet in A540, the large e-classroom in the library so that groups can work together.

Remember that the final version of your research paper is due Thursday, December 5 by 10 a.m. If you have questions, don’t wait until Wednesday night!
Enjoy the holiday and the long weekend!
~Prof. Leonard


Summary of today, and reading/blogging for Monday, November 25

Today we wrapped up our discussion of documentation styles and began our discussion of process documentation. For Monday, please write one blog post on process documentation in response to the following:

Locate one example of process documentation in any format, read it, and write one 100-word blog post in which you describe, summarize and critique it. Does it document thoroughly and completely the process that it claims to document? If you choose a video, please embed the video into your blog post so that we can all view it easily.

You may find it helpful to review the Edge and Robinson articles to guide your selection of a good quality example of process documentation.

The draft of the research paper is due by 10 a.m. on Thursday, November 21, emailed to me as an attachment, please. As always, please get in touch with any questions you have about the assignment.

~Prof. L

Summary of today 11/18 and reading/homework for Wednesday 11/20

Today we wrapped up our discussion of Hauptman and the many reasons we document and cite. We discussed the various standards and styles of citation, and you all worked in small groups to invent your own citation style for an article, website, eBook, online video, or online image, chosen from the slides for today. On Wednesday we’ll wrap up that discussion, so groups should come prepared to discuss the piece they chose and to demonstrate the citation style they invented to document it.

On Wednesday we’ll begin our discussion of process documentation, which will be a large part of the online documentation project due at the end of the semester. Please read the following 2 articles, available via the library’s electronic databases:

Edge, Write it down! The importance of documentation

Robinson, Documentation Dilemmas

Your research paper draft is due by 10 a.m. on Thursday, November 21, sent to me as an email attachment.

~Prof. Leonard

Notes from today, and reading for Monday 11/18

Today we discussed the rationale for documentation and citation. We broke into groups to discuss Hauptman; we’ll wrap up our discussion of Hauptman on Monday, so be sure to bring the article and any notes you made on your small group discussion & questions that you generated. Slides from today are here.

About blogging amnesty: you can get credit for the blog posts that were due on 11/4 (research journal) and 11/6 (comment) if you post them by 10 a.m. on Friday 11/15. For the research journal blog post, make sure that the title of your post indicates the original due date for the post.

On Monday 11/18 we will continue our discussion of documentation, this time focusing on standards, methods and styles for documenting text and non-text media. Please read Badke, chapter 9 and review the Purdue OWL sections on MLA and APA style.

As I mentioned in class and posted in my last post, the research paper draft is now due by 10 a.m.  on Thursday, November 21, emailed to me as an attachment.

~Prof. Leonard


Summary of today (11/11) and reading/blogging for Wednesday 11/13

Today we discussed the writing of an academic research paper. Slides from today are available here.

On Wednesday, we’ll begin our discussion of documentation and citation, starting with the rationale for documentation and citation. Please read Hausman, pp. 7-13, which I distributed in class; if you missed class get the book on reserve in the library (call number PN171 .F56 H38 2008). Also read Bugeja & Dimitrova, chapter 5″ What, in fact, causes footnotes to vanish? (pp. 33-39 of eBook available from City Tech Library catalog). Your blogging assignment is one reading response blog post.

The research paper draft is now due as an email attachment sent to me by 10 a.m. on THURSDAY, November 21!

Reading and blogging for Monday, November 11

On Monday, we’ll discuss writing a research paper. I’ll distribute guidelines for the research paper draft in class. Please read Badke, Badke Ch. 10 and Appendix 1 pp. 223-257. Your blogging assignment is one research journal blog post in response to the following prompt:

This week and last week we read about and worked on these tools and strategies to find scholarly and other information:

  • advanced internet searching
  • searching library catalogs
  • searching article databases.

What have you learned in these classes that’s new to you?
How do you see yourself using your new skills outside of our course?

Library Database > Google

When I decided to research my topic, plagiarism, and it’s effects, it came as no surprise to me that what I would find would be two entirely different things. I decided to use my favorite internet search engine, Google, and the scholarly website provided by Professor Leonard, EBSCOhost. I searched on Google first and it came as expectedly, I got results about the definition of ‘plagiarism’. When I searched plagiarism and its effects, I was able to see a bit more. I then used the scholarly search and actually found articles that were relevant to my topic. I was able to find scholarly articles about plagiarism and the effects that correlate to it. However, Google was able to show me some scholarly articles but it had only shown me 6 scholarly articles. When I did the same search, plagiarism and its effects, on EBSCO, there were much more. This hadn’t been a surprising ‘adventure’ mainly because I’ve already tried this in class and found that the leading scholarly search provided me with actually evidence that could be used. Further on, any future research assignments I would not only use Google but instead also use one of the scholarly search engines that the school supplies us with.