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Media Convergence

As the years go on technology is becoming more and more a necessity and an obsession. It’s kind of scary how a single device that fits in the palm of your hand can carry basically your whole life. From your passwords, to personal bank account information. Since most applications run through a certain domain; apple runs through iCloud where as Samsung runs on Android app world, it can give one a feeling of discomfort knowing that our accounts are on these and anything we download is basically through this meaning any information we store will also be on these as well.Each year some new means of technology comes out and we spend our money on it not really understanding what information we are actually entrusting to this device!


In chapter one of Content, Computing, Communications, the authors Meikle & Young talk to us about how ITunes developed. ITunes was introduced by Apple in 2001. You could use ITunes to listen and organize your music It was introduced so that users could ‘rip, mix, and burn’ their music. In 2003 Apple introduced the ITunes music store, where it was both digital and networked. By introducing the music store, it gave you the opportunity to buy not only music but movies, TV shows, books, games, and images as well. Technology went from being something small to something that is so big which continues to change and grow.


Technology what is it really? As we grow in something we tend to expanded and advance we turned th  wheel into a tire turned a clothes basket into a NBA game and now we have turned our basics likes,habits and even communication into a content that is computed and revamped in so many different ways some that we don’t even take use of. The author Graham Meikle in the first paragraph brings up key examples of multiple ways the  I-Tunes systems system have evolved and “upgraded” for the user. later getting into how I-Tunes has turned contents of all types into a digital media base. Film,Music,TV,Photos and Contacts. This is just a small level of the way again our favorite thing is monopolized on sole pieces of technology we will go deeper and give examples of Xbox and the way the media dashboard allows you to read books play games watch movies and now even call text and send pictures to you friends while sending along information of many more sources. at this stage we feel technology is an teens and have many adult years to prosper and grow and will do so at a rapid pace


1. Do we need the Resources at the abundance rate for ever device that we own?

2. What do we label as technology?

3.At the rate that technology is following will we be able to keep up and have an understanding?

4.Do we take advantage of all the uses that I-tunes offer?

5. Is technology Underapprecatied ?