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I’d like to thank…11/13

After reading the Haupman article, it intrigued me as to how writers may publish their gratitude towards friends and/or colleagues. I understood the concept of footnotes, however, I didn’t give it much thought when it came to acknowledgements. If a person decided not to leave a footnote stating where he/she had gotten the information it may lead to unwanted legal trouble.Of course, I do read the extremely short acknowledgements, the ones that usually comes up before a story starts. But in scientific articles I have never checked to see who actually partook in the article. It is also imperative to give credit when credit is due. When authors named their contributors I never figured they would list them out in a line of who they favored above the other; I just figured it was who had the most relevant/useful information. In the other article from Vanishing Act, we are able to learn as to why sometimes footnotes aren’t there anymore. Nonetheless, sites with the hyperlink ending in “.gov” or “.org” were the most stable and reliable which shouldn’t come as a shock to any of us since we are discouraged from using websites like Wikipedia.com, Google.com. It is necessary to document any and every piece of information before we are charged with any charges against us even if we didn’t intentionally do it.

Learning About Research

Before taking this course i had knowledge of where and how to find information for research purposes. While taking this course i realized how limited i was before taking the course, I learned more ways to find resources such as scholarly work which i always seemed to have trouble finding.  Learning the new tools taught in class has enhanced my ability to conduct better research which would allow me to produce better work. Not only are these tools used for the class they can be useful to me for the future. Badke’s research tips has helped me to be able to narrow down my searches and to be aware of what to do and what not to do.

Scholarly reasearch

Though I do appreciate the simplicity of using Google, it is difficult to find something that is relevant to my research topic which is why I am glad Professor Leonard introduced us to Google Scholar. That is one application that helps me narrow down articles that are actually relevant and useful towards my research paper. Trying to just search through Google with the word ‘plagiarism’ does not actually find anything that I can write 5-8 pages worth of information regarding it but it just defines the word plagiarism. Just using Google was not able to provide me with any scholarly articles that I could use for my research paper. But using Google Scholar helped me find relevant information in milliseconds. After reading, ‘Apple’s’ blog post, I was tempted to try out ERIC and to my surprise I found it pretty good but I actually prefer Google Scholar because of its simplicity.

Down the road

THe most difficult part of this research proposal draft was actually trying to figure out what topic to choose. Trying to narrow the the topic i hit a wall. Its like writing a paper for my sociology paper, i chose crime but the number of categories that fell under crime made it difficult to choose. Even though my topic is on privacy and “terms and agreements” im still not sure is i want to head down this road. Maybe privacy and the government, or plagiarism. I still have to dig deeper into my topic to see if its plausible to do. Wonder in the end will my research topic  the same when this is all said and done?












My Research Path

The topic i choose is very broad and it can be narrowed down to different subtopics. I don’t expect  many difficulties in the continuation of my research. What concerns me as of now is how to narrow down my topic and which path to choose. I expect to find more articles about my topic as well as media coverage. Putting together all of my research will be rather challenging and how to express all that information into a 6-8 page paper. In my opinion my topic would cover more than the required pages but my objective is to find many opinions on the topic as well as many articles to try to compare them to answer my research question in full detail.

Research proposal difficulties

Choosing a topic was difficult enough for me but when it come to narrowing it down and trying to get the information needed to write this 5 to 8 page paper will be even harder. But thanks to Badke I am able to narrow down and find the information that i will need when I try to search it in the frustrating search engines. Now i can use different strategies like using the word and, or, not to find the proper info i need for my research topic. Probably the most difficult part for me would be the annotated bibliography because it would be my first time in doing it.

Taking Charge

What is the motivation behind a great research paper? When doing research our goal is focused on finding all the relevant search links that will help us accomplish the goal of having a great research paper that covers all the issues related to the topic being discussed. To be sure that these goals are met we must create a strategy and plan out exactly what subtopics we would like to be covered.
Its always very important to be sure that a great search engine is being used to accomplish the first step in creating a great research paper. Its pretty common for a researcher to look into google as the first step into looking for in depth research engine on their topic. We all know how academically weak google can be. Its always vital to look into the library as your first stop when doing research. Keeping in mind how vital organization and structure is will be the road to success when creating a great paper.

Search Engines make life easier

In these modern times, society utilizes the internet. As a result, much information is being stored on the internet. There are vast documents that exist that without a “search engine,” it would most troublesome to seek what you are looking for. I personally have a positive perspective towards search engines, because it usually is fast and goes straight to what I am looking for. Almost everyone who uses the internet has at least once used a search engine. Many companies attempt to invest in these search engines because they know that everyone uses it and its usually always a portal for promoting their products. Its hard to imagine the internet without search engines because if that were the case, then much information would be lost.

Search Engines Oct. 15

Search engines are programs that allow users to enter queries and retrieve information. Search engines are built in such a way that when we enter those queries, it presents the searcher with links to information that is most relevant to the query. I say most here because there is still a lot of work that the searcher must do to get the information appropriate for their needs. This has to do with the limits present in the search and match function in the search engine programs. The phrase “good match” explains what is happening. When the search engine matches documents, it does so based on similarity to your query, but that is not always the best match for your purpose. Although search engines are a great starting point for doing research, you need to develop other research skills to aid in effective research.


If we were judged by how our heart thought rather than how our brains worked we all would qualify for a noble honor. In the case of Aaron his good heart was hurt by the laws that govern his brain and the world. His action may have arguable lead him in his demise, but what certainly did was the fact that he was breaking the law with out intention to. This “LAW” and laws that govern information have to either lighten up or come to an end it makes knowledge which should be free to the world and everyone in it a golden secret that very few should obtain. In my honest opinion the record of information should be free and able to access to all who wish to gain