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Down the road

THe most difficult part of this research proposal draft was actually trying to figure out what topic to choose. Trying to narrow the the topic i hit a wall. Its like writing a paper for my sociology paper, i chose crime but the number of categories that fell under crime made it difficult to choose. Even though my topic is on privacy and “terms and agreements” im still not sure is i want to head down this road. Maybe privacy and the government, or plagiarism. I still have to dig deeper into my topic to see if its plausible to do. Wonder in the end will my research topic  the same when this is all said and done?












Critically Thinking in a Repressed Society

Thomas Eland exposes the reader to a flawed view that the masses hold towards the freedom of information and media.  He reminds us that we interpret information solely on “internalized filters”. Essentially he is saying that we have internal barriers that prevent us from understanding and expanding on information presented to us though media, such as news and magazines.

Its mind boggling and actually discouraging how in a “free” society, one would have to resort to radical journalism to seek what Eland believes to be as credible information. In addition, its also  bit disturbing to realize that we ave,  basically, monopolies in a world in which laws were created to prevent such a system. Its true that in reality, we don’t have companies that can simply startup in a production. These various production lines are inherently monopolized and prevents any further  companies from entering.

Alternative Media

Zine comes from its original term called fanzine, generally published by fans of science fiction. According to Zine World, a zine is a self-published, small circulation, non-commercial booklet or magazine, usually produced by one person or a few individuals. A zine can be in relation to whatever the creator wants it to be about. Zine’s have their own meaning. It’s like a blog where you can write down your own personal ideas/thoughts. Zines are useful for people who want to express themselves. Creating a zine is ideal for people who are creative. In Elands reading, he criticizes that we are a global institution and we depend on the information which we were educated on. We listen to people who have higher authority instead of having our own ideas. He believes this is the way we see reality based upon what institutions are teaching.