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When narrow isn’t narrow enough Oct. 21

For me it was fairly easy to decide on a topic I wanted to take on for the research paper. The difficulty came in narrowing it down to something precise enough and manageable for a 5 to 8 page paper. In attempting to narrow my topic, I ended up asking myself more questions than can be covered in the paper. Badke says that a good research project should only deal with one issue expressed by one question. In choosing that one question, I have to decide which issue I am most interested in and which has the most adequate resources to successfully research and develop into a paper.

Good Research

Throughout chapter one of Research Strategies, Badke begins to tell us about what information is and how it started. He takes us back before there was print all the way up to today’s most useful source of information such as the web. Badke explains to us that all information found online may not be true.

In chapter eight, Badke tells us about the various types of research strategies. He lists several different methods such as note taking, photo copying, and the use of the internet. These methods can be used to help form a well-developed research paper. There are many advantages and disadvantages of using these methods.

Departing on an Informational Journey.

Our world is full of evolving information, that is constantly adapting to the way everyone uses knowledge. Reading the first chapter in William Badke’s, “Research Strategies: finding your way through the information fog,” embarks the reader on the ever growing infinite world of researching information. There is such a large quantity of information where the quality of the information we research is effected. In the early life of knowledge, people were given the job to safeguard important facts. Until writing became the next secure way to pass along information, followed by the printing press and finally the internet. Since knowledge is easily accessible today, such things as the information’s author, credibility, and main objective has to be validated.

Chapter 8 helps us to learn how to navigate different methods to efficiently research information we need. Reading this chapter shows us that researching is performed best when looking at the details of information and not getting lost in the extra knowledge, unless it is really necessary. Using the table of contents, preface, index, and main points of a chapter or book can help us find the authors main ideas on the subject. Methods such as photo copying, note taking, using a computer, and writing can help a researcher collect information to use later. There are pros and cons to using different techniques of information gathering. A researcher should beware of plagiarizing when writing there paper and using different methods of collecting notes.