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Zines Sept. 18

Since zines are self-published prints by one or more people, they can be subject to various amounts of creativity. The publisher is free to discuss any topic they so choose without the information being censored in any. Although zines work in the same way as blogs, for example. However, the printing of a zines give it permanence, in the same way a book has permanence compared to an eBook. The problem with zines are that many people are unaware that they exist primarily because they are independent of the normal publishing system. Therefore, people are not privy to the information in vines, not through exclusion but through ignorance.

Small voice in loud noisy media (Group)

ZinesMedia has the ability to spread a message globally at an incredible speed. Even in outer space a message is sent to communicate knowledge of exsistence. With this acceleration of delivering media comes a high price. The cost not only has a high monetary expense,  but also a cost of media control. The fact is that media is dominated by giant corporations and drown out the voice of people with less finances. The scale is tilted giving small communities or individuals less voice in spreading new ideas. This has caused underground zine readings to act as an output for groups or people with opinions. This alternative media has allowed new thoughts to be spread without being edited. Small publications have been published for many years, eventually leading to being called zines. Self published readings carry personal ideas, rebelling against mainstream media. Giving people power to speaking their voice.

Other types of alternative media?
Will zines ever go commercial?
How important is the word zine?Can zine communities be compared to earlier stages of information being guarded like gate keepers?
How reliable is a zine?How important is freedom of information?
Would you make and read zines?
Are we living in the “reel” world or the “real” world?

Notes from today, and reading/blogging assignments for Wednesday, September 18

Today we discussed non-text media in its many forms and formats. We spent a good deal of time discussing “content, computing, and communications” (from Meikle & Young): how our use of digital media in networked environments is now interactive, yet we have given up some control of our use of these media. We used iTunes as an example several times. If you are curious about Apple’s approach to selling and distributing music and other media should read Steve Jobs Thoughts on Music, written in 2007. Slides from today are available here.

On Wednesday, we discuss alternative print media, both analog and digital. Please read the following three pieces: Wright, The History and Characteristics of Zines (part I only) ; Eland, “Critical Thinking, Deviant Knowledge, and the Alternative Press,” and Zine World, Zines 101 – A Quick Guide to Zines. Your blogging assignment is one reading response blog post.

Tina, Hafsa, and Harold are discussion facilitators.

We’re still on for a visit to the Brooklyn College Library’s zine collection on Saturday, September 28 at 2 pm. I’ll collect RSVPs on Wednesday, and I’ll need a final count of participants by Wednesday, 9/25.

~Prof. Leonard

Notes from today, and readings & blogging homework for Monday, September 16

Today we discussed the landscape of digital media. The chart of media ownership is worth another look; please review and consider whether these “born digital,” networked, digital media offer alternatives. Do we need alternatives?
Slides from today are available here.

On Monday 9/16 we will discuss non-text media: sound, images, and multimedia. Please read the following:
Meikle & Young, 13-27 (distributed in class or on reserve: HM742 .M45 2012)
Sisario, A Digital Music Option Thrives, Though Quietly,
Brna, Vinyl vs CD/mp3: Insights into Music Formats & the Metaphysics of Our Music
Elton, Love for Labels

(Get help with off-campus access to articles from library databases to access the Elton article.)

Your blogging assignment is one reading response blog post. Class discussion facilitators for Monday are Wendy, Ohlynn, and Edwin. Everyone else should visit the course site before class to review the questions they post.

Please let me know if you will be joining us on our visit to the zine collection at the Brooklyn College Library on Saturday, September 28 at 2 pm. I’ll need your RSVP by Wednesday, September 25.

~Prof. L.