From The Aggressive yet comical point the articles and videos stood in defense of i would have to disagree . they spoke on how copy rights aren’t fair and are a choke hold. on the contrary i believe that copy writes are good and stand in place for the majority. if i had work out there and someone was to create something off my idea i want a type of intensive of any form not always money but recognition for your creation,because i helped to make it what it is. it sucks for the deep thinkers and the time spent doing these things and someone else to claim that its thiers and that they did it and i stand on the side of the law with my best foot forward


  1. Edwin Munet

    I agree with you on the fact that if it was not for the copyright laws that we have now, we would have a whole bunch of thieves, not only in the world but also in the the digital world(aka the internet) taking credit of the artists that broke their brains day and night to come up with the work that they made. Thanks to the copyright laws, artist have control over their own work and they can choose who can edit or modify their work and see if it becomes a better piece of work or a poor one.

  2. Dimitri Gallard

    I disagree with both of you two. These laws are restricting us from progressing as a society and focusing on more important issues at work. (Syria, Gun grabbing fascists, etc) We have to focus on the issues that really effect the overall population as a whole, instead of infractions of copyrighting. We have unemployment at a rise; shouldn’t that become more important than someone downloading a song during a few spare moments? What about the recent tragedies of active shooters? I think these are more keying issues than copyrighting. Technology is only heading in one direction, improvement. That means its going to be even easier to bypass copyright laws because, lets face it, when theres a will, there’s a way.

  3. dubbullyou

    I don’t disagree with any of you. In fact, I think that copyrighting laws are important and what Dimitri wrote is entirely true. There will always be a way to get things that you’d like to have from the internet. I’m sure that we can recall the times when we’d go home and download music from Napster. However, to my knowledge we were no longer allowed to use it and we had to go months without file sharing but soon enough another program took its place, Kazaa, Limewire, p2p (peer to peer, for those who aren’t savvy with technology) sharing. Today we have utorrent but soon enough, it’ll be gone but don’t worry, we’ll get another p2p sharing program.


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