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Purpose of Citation

Robert Hauptman writes about documentation and its purposes. He also writes about the history of  and how the concept dates back to even the ancient times all the way to the present. He discusses that documentation is meant for six different reasons, that being: acknowledgement, attribution, tracing, validation, protection and commentary. Haputman tells his audience that citations are a way of giving credit to the source that you have used. He argues that “scholars who are experts don’t need to spend time crediting because they are the source, whereas the inexpert needs to credit all their sources.” Its always right to give credit to work you used in your own to show the previous author that you acknowledged them and built upon their ideas.

Learning About Research

Before taking this course i had knowledge of where and how to find information for research purposes. While taking this course i realized how limited i was before taking the course, I learned more ways to find resources such as scholarly work which i always seemed to have trouble finding.  Learning the new tools taught in class has enhanced my ability to conduct better research which would allow me to produce better work. Not only are these tools used for the class they can be useful to me for the future. Badke’s research tips has helped me to be able to narrow down my searches and to be aware of what to do and what not to do.

Search engine optimization and international branding

In our everyday life, we use search engine to find information. According to Agostini, most websites receive traffic from search engines through two types of keywords. Generic category keywords which defined as general word we use such as green tee shirts and branded keyword which search by brand name. In his experiment on Yandex.ru, search result came out differently depending on letters and language. Even miss typed words will display different result. Most sites use these terms and modify to their website to get more traffic. Agostini argues that this method used by search engine can be misleading and effective at the same time. So we must be able to aware of it.

Search Engines make life easier

In these modern times, society utilizes the internet. As a result, much information is being stored on the internet. There are vast documents that exist that without a “search engine,” it would most troublesome to seek what you are looking for. I personally have a positive perspective towards search engines, because it usually is fast and goes straight to what I am looking for. Almost everyone who uses the internet has at least once used a search engine. Many companies attempt to invest in these search engines because they know that everyone uses it and its usually always a portal for promoting their products. Its hard to imagine the internet without search engines because if that were the case, then much information would be lost.

Learning or breaking the law

Research and copyrighted material has become so vital in the past years. People who are attempting to spread knowledge are getting accused of breaking the law. In Pamela Samuel’s article, she wrote about a person named, Aaron Swartz, who was an internet activist and was accused of fraud and computer abuse, resulting in him committing suicide. His goal was to provide more access to knowledge in the internet. I agree that he was careless in these decisions and that he should have thought about copyright and possible consequences. In Brian Martin’s writing, he discussed what research was, and how almost every profession utilizes it. In my opinion i believe that the copyright law is overrated and the penalties shouldn’t be severe because it makes people feel limited to knowledge.

Aaron Swartz: Opening Access to Knowledge

Internet activist Aaron Swartz committed suicide after downloading 4 million articles from JSTOR and got charged with 13 felony offenses. The writer Pamela Samuelson argues that charges against Aaron was necessary but Aaron’s mission or goal was worthy. Many JSTOR articles were funded through research grants and governments and foundations, so Aaron had no idea that he didn’t have to pay for it. Even articles are not covered by which listed above, some articles written by university professors are covered by their salary. And JSTOR were written by scholars to share the knowledge. Pamela argues that copyright is being an obstacle to knowledge and articles like JSTOR should be open-access for scholarly work.

Copyright = Copy it Right

According to Grey’s video, copyright laws have been protecting the creator since 1710. Copyright is contract between author and the society, to not to copy and build it’s original. I’m not sure about all creator or author but the creator of Star Wars, George Lucas thought that his copyright to his movies were too short so it was extended. I think Grey is trying to ask if that is necessary. Only one who will benefit from long copyright is the corporate or company. Even some creative film maker comes with remake of Star Wars, it still wouldn’t damage its original. And i couldn’t agree more with this because last episode of Dexter was horrible and someone should remake the last episode.

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