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My Research Path

The topic i choose is very broad and it can be narrowed down to different subtopics. I don’t expect  many difficulties in the continuation of my research. What concerns me as of now is how to narrow down my topic and which path to choose. I expect to find more articles about my topic as well as media coverage. Putting together all of my research will be rather challenging and how to express all that information into a 6-8 page paper. In my opinion my topic would cover more than the required pages but my objective is to find many opinions on the topic as well as many articles to try to compare them to answer my research question in full detail.

Aaron Swartz: Opening Access to Knowledge

Internet activist Aaron Swartz committed suicide after downloading 4 million articles from JSTOR and got charged with 13 felony offenses. The writer Pamela Samuelson argues that charges against Aaron was necessary but Aaron’s mission or goal was worthy. Many JSTOR articles were funded through research grants and governments and foundations, so Aaron had no idea that he didn’t have to pay for it. Even articles are not covered by which listed above, some articles written by university professors are covered by their salary. And JSTOR were written by scholars to share the knowledge. Pamela argues that copyright is being an obstacle to knowledge and articles like JSTOR should be open-access for scholarly work.