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Summary of today 11/18 and reading/homework for Wednesday 11/20

Today we wrapped up our discussion of Hauptman and the many reasons we document and cite. We discussed the various standards and styles of citation, and you all worked in small groups to invent your own citation style for an article, website, eBook, online video, or online image, chosen from the slides for today. On Wednesday we’ll wrap up that discussion, so groups should come prepared to discuss the piece they chose and to demonstrate the citation style they invented to document it.

On Wednesday we’ll begin our discussion of process documentation, which will be a large part of the online documentation project due at the end of the semester. Please read the following 2 articles, available via the library’s electronic databases:

Edge, Write it down! The importance of documentation

Robinson, Documentation Dilemmas

Your research paper draft is due by 10 a.m. on Thursday, November 21, sent to me as an email attachment.

~Prof. Leonard

Notes from today, and reading for Monday 11/18

Today we discussed the rationale for documentation and citation. We broke into groups to discuss Hauptman; we’ll wrap up our discussion of Hauptman on Monday, so be sure to bring the article and any notes you made on your small group discussion & questions that you generated. Slides from today are here.

About blogging amnesty: you can get credit for the blog posts that were due on 11/4 (research journal) and 11/6 (comment) if you post them by 10 a.m. on Friday 11/15. For the research journal blog post, make sure that the title of your post indicates the original due date for the post.

On Monday 11/18 we will continue our discussion of documentation, this time focusing on standards, methods and styles for documenting text and non-text media. Please read Badke, chapter 9 and review the Purdue OWL sections on MLA and APA style.

As I mentioned in class and posted in my last post, the research paper draft is now due by 10 a.m.  on Thursday, November 21, emailed to me as an attachment.

~Prof. Leonard


Purpose of Citation

Robert Hauptman writes about documentation and its purposes. He also writes about the history of  and how the concept dates back to even the ancient times all the way to the present. He discusses that documentation is meant for six different reasons, that being: acknowledgement, attribution, tracing, validation, protection and commentary. Haputman tells his audience that citations are a way of giving credit to the source that you have used. He argues that “scholars who are experts don’t need to spend time crediting because they are the source, whereas the inexpert needs to credit all their sources.” Its always right to give credit to work you used in your own to show the previous author that you acknowledged them and built upon their ideas.

Summary of today (11/11) and reading/blogging for Wednesday 11/13

Today we discussed the writing of an academic research paper. Slides from today are available here.

On Wednesday, we’ll begin our discussion of documentation and citation, starting with the rationale for documentation and citation. Please read Hausman, pp. 7-13, which I distributed in class; if you missed class get the book on reserve in the library (call number PN171 .F56 H38 2008). Also read Bugeja & Dimitrova, chapter 5″ What, in fact, causes footnotes to vanish? (pp. 33-39 of eBook available from City Tech Library catalog). Your blogging assignment is one reading response blog post.

The research paper draft is now due as an email attachment sent to me by 10 a.m. on THURSDAY, November 21!