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Digital Divide

The percentage of adults that have online access are pretty low in comparison to what I had expected. Research has shown that 15% percent of adults with in the U.S do not have online access. This came as a serious surprise to me. Growing up and living within the city I tend to forget that there are rural areas within the United States with the difficulty of installing satellites in order to generate this access. Not only is getting to these rural areas a bit difficult the expenses for installation and monthly billing can be a bit out of reach for certain american individuals.

Notes from today, and reading/blogging assignments for Monday, October 7

Today we discussed plagiarism and touched on issues of academic integrity. Slides from today are available here. On Monday, we will discuss access: personal, institutional, as well as the “digital divide.” Please read the following: Martin, The Politics of Research and Samuelson, Aaron Swartz: Opening Access to Knowledge.

Your blogging assignment is one reading response blog post.

Be sure to bring the Developing a Research Topic sheet with you Monday; we’ll build in some time to work on it some more. I distributed the Research Topic Proposal guidelines in class; be aware that the first draft of that assignment is due October 16 and the final version is due October 23.Questions about the research topic proposal? Get in touch!

~Prof. Leonard

PS: those of you interested in privacy might be interested in PRISMBreakup, a series of events, workshops, and talks on the topic of surveillance, all taking place this weekend at Eyebeam, a gallery at 540 W. 21st Street in Manhattan.