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Post For 11/4

Within my research for my paper topic “privacy” I have realized how helpful an annotated bibliography actually is. Being able to provide an annotated bibliography gives a great understand of your sourceses being provided and how vital they are towards your paper. One of the reasons behind citing sources and compiling a general bibliography is so that you can prove you have done some valid research to back up your argument. An annotated bibliography provides proof of that this valid research has been done. Readers can refer to a citation in your bibliography and then go back and look up the material themselves.


Documentation is a necessity as discussed in this class throughout the course. To acknowledge the source and from whom the work is being produced from is highly important. Hauptman discusses this is great detail. Footnotes are mentioned within this article the reasons of footnoting ,citations and the role they play in acknowledging the source on where the information is coming from. The issue of URL changes came up within this article which was very interesting. I have had questions regarding citations including URLs in the past in terms of changes and the URL being too long etc. Citations based on URLs can be a bit frustrating especially of the URL is too long. There are times where you would like to review the citations and check out the URL but the page wouldn’t come up. Resolving this issue can be a problem.


What would sentences be without words?
Sentences makes finding out and understanding the concept and meaning of a word easy and brings out the sense in the word. Badke states that “ keywords are flat. Keyword search engines scan across the broad surface of databases looking for matches”. This situation has happened to all of us where searching for a keyword turns into an endless pit of irrelevant links that has nothing to do with what your initially are looking for.
Hierarchies makes researching so much easier. Combining words and using phrases to help narrow down your search.

Taking Charge

What is the motivation behind a great research paper? When doing research our goal is focused on finding all the relevant search links that will help us accomplish the goal of having a great research paper that covers all the issues related to the topic being discussed. To be sure that these goals are met we must create a strategy and plan out exactly what subtopics we would like to be covered.
Its always very important to be sure that a great search engine is being used to accomplish the first step in creating a great research paper. Its pretty common for a researcher to look into google as the first step into looking for in depth research engine on their topic. We all know how academically weak google can be. Its always vital to look into the library as your first stop when doing research. Keeping in mind how vital organization and structure is will be the road to success when creating a great paper.

What is a Database, how does a search engine work?

What is a database, how does a search engine work ?

A collection of data that can be found using categorized procedures are called a database. The amount of information is infinite but with a database it’s organized. Commands such as: OR, AND, and NOT serve as three main keywords that helps narrow down your search to relevant links on what you are searching for. Other options that can be used are Hierarchies. Hierarchies help by filtering out the context of a phrase avoiding confusion on the meaning of the keyword.
Most websites receive traffic from search engines through generic category keywords and branded keywords. This all varies depending on how you spelled out a word and the language that was used. The ideal way to get more traffic is to find what term people use most to search the website, and include that word in the site for more traffic.


Its has been proven throughout history that any activist of knowledge will pay the consequence. In this great country I would never have expected Swartz to go out the way he did. These copyright laws aren’t willing to compromise to any situation even if it will be more of beneficial than a misfortune, especially with the issue of spreading knowledge. Even within this day and age where access to information is so easy and can be found almost anywhere there are still documents and information that is used to gain some sort of profit. The limitations and restrictions found with in this “democracy” is observed. Self expression should come with so many restrictions.

Digital Divide

The percentage of adults that have online access are pretty low in comparison to what I had expected. Research has shown that 15% percent of adults with in the U.S do not have online access. This came as a serious surprise to me. Growing up and living within the city I tend to forget that there are rural areas within the United States with the difficulty of installing satellites in order to generate this access. Not only is getting to these rural areas a bit difficult the expenses for installation and monthly billing can be a bit out of reach for certain american individuals.