Notes from today, and reading/blogging assignments for Monday, October 7

Today we discussed plagiarism and touched on issues of academic integrity. Slides from today are available here. On Monday, we will discuss access: personal, institutional, as well as the “digital divide.” Please read the following: Martin, The Politics of Research and Samuelson, Aaron Swartz: Opening Access to Knowledge.

Your blogging assignment is one reading response blog post.

Be sure to bring the Developing a Research Topic sheet with you Monday; we’ll build in some time to work on it some more. I distributed the Research Topic Proposal guidelines in class; be aware that the first draft of that assignment is due October 16 and the final version is due October 23.Questions about the research topic proposal? Get in touch!

~Prof. Leonard

PS: those of you interested in privacy might be interested in PRISMBreakup, a series of events, workshops, and talks on the topic of surveillance, all taking place this weekend at Eyebeam, a gallery at 540 W. 21st Street in Manhattan.

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