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Media Convergence

As the years go on technology is becoming more and more a necessity and an obsession. It’s kind of scary how a single device that fits in the palm of your hand can carry basically your whole life. From your passwords, to personal bank account information. Since most applications run through a certain domain; apple runs through iCloud where as Samsung runs on Android app world, it can give one a feeling of discomfort knowing that our accounts are on these and anything we download is basically through this meaning any information we store will also be on these as well.Each year some new means of technology comes out and we spend our money on it not really understanding what information we are actually entrusting to this device!

Convergence Is Evolution

Does it matter if the Apple Company has transformed iTunes into a massive media convergence? One of the sole purposes of technology is to make life easier and its obvious that some people have a problem with that. Personally to me, it does not matter what new inventions come out or how it will make my life easier. I just know that technology such as iTunes gives me all i need in most cases to keep me entertained. Technology convergence is also more convenient for many people such the usage of the iPhone for example, which can tell you just about anything you want or communicate whenever and however you wish. The expansion of the internet or the application of iTunes is the evolution of tomorrow and it is very interesting to see how these inventions turn out to be and may someday be everything.