Blog 4 – Internship Hunting Pt 3

Back to the drawing board. . .Back to research.  

I felt defeated, it’s the third week of class and I still don’t have an internship! In my head I felt like it was too late to find one.  I thought I may have to unfortunately drop the class. Everywhere I applied they either were only looking for people for Spring semester or all the spots were taken already.  

I vented to a good friend of mine and told her how I felt.  She then told me that Prof. Al Vargas had one more spot left and gave me his email.  I emailed him as soon as possible and had an interview for the next day.  

Prof.  Al Vargas explained to me what I’ll be doing and I began to get excited because it was everything I was looking for and it was close to school. His office was right on court street! After the interview he told I got the internship and I felt so happy.  I no longer have to be stressed about looking for one and it’ s right near campus.   

The process of looking for an internship was definitely stressful but it taught me patience and to not give up. It also taught me how important networking is.  If I never posted on my social media I wouldn’t have found been able to work for one of the biggest shows for NYFW! If I didn’t network with my friend I would probably still be looking for an internship or yet alone would have dropped the class.  Because of networking I was able to have access to new opportunities.