Visual Enhanced Quote



The quote I decided to pick is “Yesterday you said tomorrow.” This quote has always been my favorite quote from the first time I heard it. I fell in love with this quotes because it can be interpreted in many different ways. My three versions of my visual quote are some of the ways I interpreted the quote.


My first theme of my visual quote is “Time.” The quote “Yesterday you said tomorrow” reminds me of time, where yesterday represents the past and tomorrow meant the future. In my first draft, I wanted to create a clock where the words yesterday and tomorrow replaced the numbers. The hands on the clock said, “You said.” My final quote, I figured to keep the theme time and make an alarm clock. I used a font called DJB Get Digital, where it had the same look of a digital alarm clock. My first hierarchy is the red snooze button that says “You Said.” I made the red shape big because I wanted to have a 3D effect.


My second visual quote’s theme is dedication. Often we make a promise to ourselves that we seem to always not keep. I used the image of someone jogging because I always tell myself  I’ll start working out ‘tomorrow” and I continue to say that every next day. I wanted to go with the “You Said” to be handwritten in order to show responsibiTY. The handwritten font makes it feel homemade and keeps you accountable to your word.




Lastly, my third visual quote is a “To Do List” I wanted the list to be called yesterday instead of “To Do List.” I used a handwritten font for this visual quote as well because I wanted the To Do List to feel as homemade as possible. I went on to add the rest of the quotes under yesterday. Next to “You said” there’s a red check mark, which to me represent the action that you did. Next to “tomorrow” there’s no check mark because the action you said you wanted to be completed has yet to be done.




Visual Quote 1

Visual Quote 2

Visual Quote 3