Assignment 4

The Industrial Revolution first occurred in England between 1760 to 1840. The Industrial Revolution was a radical process of social and economic change.  James Watt perfected a steam engine was rapidly spreading in the 1780s. James Watt was a huge part of The Industrial Revolution. After his invention, he opened to door for brand new opportunities.

Later on, a factory system with machine manufacturing and divisions of labor was created. Through the factory system, new materials like iron and steel became available. Factories was a huge advantage for people because it allowed many people to have a job. Factories also were responsible for the growth of cities, people left their land in hope of finding new job opportunities.

Though these factories offered job opportunities the hours were extremely long and the working conditions were fifty. Because of these working conditions, it caused a lot of shutdowns because of overproduction, depressions, economic panics, business and bank failures and many more issues. The list of disadvantaged seems never ending but through it, all the nineteenth century saw growth in the middle age.   

The only people not benefiting from factories were farmers. Farmers did not like the fact that they had to compete with machinery. Since factories took up most their jobs, they were not needed as much as before. Farmers were forced to fit in with big cities which were the causes for the two divides in the country. In order to survive, you had to own land, if you didn’t own land you were considered poor.