App Review 01

I picked my first App Review to be on the App called “Lightroom.” Lightroom is an application with Adobe, which is used to edit pictures.  I always used Lightroom on my computer to edit pictures. I love Lightroom because it’s easy to work with and helps bring my pictures to life. I recently found out that Lightroom is also an app that can be downloaded on phones. 

The Lightroom app is free but you must have an Adobe membership to use it.  This app would be really helpful to me because there’s a time when I want to edit pictures that I took on my phone and can’t rely on the photo apps.  Also sometimes when I send clients pictures they want last-minute edits and I’m not able to do it until I get home to my laptop. 

When I opened the app I was amazed at how they were to make it look the same as the program on my laptop. Once you open the app you’re prompted to upload pictures you want to be uploaded.  I love that I’m able to upload more than one picture at a time. Other apps that I’ve tried using only allowed me to upload one picture at a time. 

Another thing that I love about the app is the same edits I change on the desktop version as the same edits I can do.  In the app there’s a lot of different sections, some example is Selective, Color, Effects, and Presets. My favorite section would have to be “Selective” in this section of the app you can select a certain part of the image you want to edit. This is amazing for an app to be able to do. 

The only thing that I would change about the app is the “Preset” part.  In the app, you are able to use presets but unfortunately, you can’t create your own preset.  The app has set presets already but sometimes those set presents don’t apply for my images. If you’re ever on the go and want to edit great pictures I suggest “Lightroom. “ I give this app 4.5 stars.