Blog 8 – My First Networking Event


My first Network event that I attended was event hosted by a company called “Some Me Time.” Some Me Time is a small business that helps connect women together and help them find their worth. The event was called “Know New Friends.” This event name was a word play off from the song “No New Friends.” The goal of the event was to bring women together with their own business and connecting with other people.


At the event I brought my camera and was taking candid shots. What I noticed about bringing my camera out with me more is that it was a gateway to starting a conversation. Once people see my camera, it always leads to different types of conversations. I met a lot of new people, one of the ladies I spoke to is a Fashion Designer and is always working with different magazine companies. Thankfully I always update my portfolio before I go to events and was able to show her my work. She loved my work and we exchanged information. She told me whenever I’m ready she’ll invite me to any of the shoots she has in the future. This conversation blew my mind, networking will does help big time!




The event was very informative, I learned a lot of good pointers and left with new contacts. One of one my favorite moments of the event was when we all went around a circle and spoke about what our company was and what we needed more support in. Every time someone in the circle shared something they needed support in, there was always someone else with was willing to help or had resources to help them. This showed me that if you don’t ever speak, you’ll never know who is actual able to help. For example, a lady mentioned she wanted to start her own daycare but was overwhelmed with not knowing where to start. Right after she shared that, someone shared with her that she owns three daycares and was willing to meet up with her to give her all the information she needs.


I’m glad I came to this event and I’m looking forward to connecting with new people I met and seeing where our connection can take us.