Blog 004

Before my internship, I’ve never heard of the Image and Visuals Communications department in New York City College of Technology.  This department is located on 16 Court Downtown Brooklyn. The Image and Visuals Communications Department are responsible for a lot of the visuals that are seen on campus. The department makes media content for many of City Tech’s websites, social media and even posters were seen around the campus.  Starting this internship has allowed me to appreciate the work they do for City Tech. I unknowingly relied on the media content and never thought to think who was behind all of it. The department is contently having different clients. Its either clients from different departments or even clients from CUNY looking for media content for different campaigns.


Within the department, I help with any shoots on campus, the events that take place on campus and help come up with campaigns that are going on in CUNY.  When I first started the internship, during my interview I was asked what are my weaknesses in photography and I expressed that I wanted to have more confidence with shooting events.  From there on, my internship has pushed me out of my comfort zone, I’ve been shooting for school events once a week. Shooting these events has pushed me to be more social and to have confidence in myself.