Logo History

The Adidas Logo History

Adidas first originated in Bavaria, Germany, where it was just a small independent sportswear company, now it’s the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe and the second biggest in the world. Adidas was registered on August 18th 1949 by Adolf Dassler. The name Adidas came from him, Adolf ‘Adi’ + Dassler ‘das’ = Adidas. When Dassler returned from World War I, he started to make custom sports shoes in his mother’s Herzogenaurach, Bavaria house. Him and his brother started their company together, which has two stripes on each shoes until they decided to split up. When they decided to split up, Adolf Dassler decided to simply add one more stripe to claim as his own.


Adidas is commonly known for their simply yet unique design. Their logo changed a couple of times but they always made sure to keep their three parallel lines. Their second logo was called “The Trefoil”, this new logo was released in 1971. The three-leaf shaped logo was made in order to represent the main landmasses of the Americas, Europe ,Africa and Asia. The three lines going across the three leafs were meant to represent a form of diversity. Even though “The Trefoil” was a great logo adidas still felt the need to change the look of it for the sports department.


In 1997, Peter Moore came up with the concept of the logo called “Equipment range.” The stripes remained in the logo but the position of the stripes changed. The shape formed by the stripes represents a mountain, which was symbolic of the obstacles that athletes must overcome to achieve their goals.


In 2005, adidas changed the logo to something similar to the very first one. It another clear and simple symbol incorporating the three stripes, each stripe was known to each stand for something. All three of the stripes represents quality and leadership, and maintains flexibility for the future.