Blog 3 – Lesson Learned

Working with Park and 19th was such an amazing experience. It was amazing being able to intern for such an amazing event.  I felt like a was in a dream. Earlier that morning I was emailed a call sheet with details of my duties for the day. We all had a meeting before the event and we started working immediately.

My duty was to put up signs, help with setting up the runway gift bags and helping models backstage.  Working behind the scenes I was able to get out fast everything goes. Time was very important, the models had to be ready for the runway on time.  At first I felt intimidated because I didn’t know what to do but I made sure to ask questions and always look for something to do. While working I was able to network and meet a lot of people.  I just knew I wanted to have my internship with this company. After the event was over , they told me they’ll be emailing me more details about when my follow up interview will be. 


A week passed by and I didn’t hear from them so I decided to email them and unfortunately they told me they were no longer looking for interns. I was crushed because I really wanted to work with the company and I also knew now I had even less time to find another one. I learned that I can’t put my eggs in one basket, just so something like this won’t ever happen again.