Blog 7 – My Workplace


\My workplace is very professional, the office is filled with different private offices and cubicles. I have my own cubicle where I’m able to get my own workplace.  I love having my own workspace because it helps me stay focused and make me feel more professional. When I first starting interning I was wearing formal attire but started to shift to informal.  I don’t have a dress code for work but I try my best to get it professional.  


My typical workday I report to my supervisor and it’ll get a task for the day.  I work on the task and sometimes even collab with the other interns. One thing I’ve noticed about my workplace is how close everyone is to each other.  The environment is always friendly and I always feel welcomed and comfortable. Though I don’t work directly with everyone else in the office, they always make it clear that they’re willing to answer any questions.  

In the office there’s also a work area for everyone to work with, It’s a studio where most the portraits and promo pictures for City Tech News are taking.  The studio is fun to go to because there’s always a new set up. One day you’ll see a set up for professional portraits then the next day you’ll see neon lights everywhere.  It’s fun to help set up and all behind the scenes actions before it goes live on social media.