Internship Hunting Pt2

Internship hunting is harder than I thought.  My biggest mistake was not doing research before my Internship class started. I feel that if I was aware of the internship class, I would’ve started allowing to different site.  I first started looking at different websites like Indeed and Glassdoor. I didn’t find anything interesting in my field.  My goal was to find something in Production because I knew that’s where I wanted to work in the future.    

I started to feel defeated and made a post on my Instagram asking anyone if they knew any companies looking for Production interns.  Luckily a good friend of mine sent me a post that 19th and Park had just posted.


I quickly proceed to follow that instructions and emailed them.  Later that day I got an email back stating that they’ll love to work with me. They were so in love with my work that they told me they’ll love to have my help at fashion week! Once they’ve seen how I worked they would give me a follow up interview. 

I was super excited, this means that my internship hunting may be coming to an end!