The End

120 hours later. .wow time really flew by. I absolutely loved my internship.  I had a great time being able to work with such talented people.Every time I worked I was able to learn something new.  Though the process was hard in the beginning, I was able to catch up and do what I had to do to get work done at the internship. 


The three main things that I learned at my internship was more confidence in myself, better skills in photoshop and learning how to communicate.  These three things will help me in the real world and I’m ready to take on any task. While I was at my internship, I was able to learn more about myself as a designer .  I learned that I need to take everything one step at a time. I always try to rush the process when I’m reality everyone had to go through the same process as me. 

I’m also super grateful for my supervisor Al Vargas.  He always had great advice and always gave me good feedback.  It was a good feeling of having a mentor who I could look up to, especially considering he is such an amazing photographer.  He always gave pointers on how I could be a better photographer. This internship was a great experience and I’ll always bring the news lessons with me moving on.