Blog 6 – My Role

My role as an intern gets more exciting day by day.  I’m in charge of helping promote City Tech, by taking pictures from events, helping with taking pictures of students on campus and even helping with shooting portraits of people from different departments.  One thing I truly appreciate about my internship is being able to be more active on campus and being able to showcase my photography skills. Normally I wouldn’t attend school events and wouldn’t have time to network because of my busy schedule.   

My supervisor’s name is Al.  Vargas, he’s a professor at City Tech and also a professional photographer.  I knew that interning with him I’ll be able to learn a lot from him. When I found out he was looking for interns through a friend of mine, I was super excited.  Though I never had him as a teacher I knew about his great work and how great of a teacher he was.  

When I finally was able to connect with him, I was scheduled for an interview later that week. I had a week to prepare myself for the interview, I made sure to fix my portfolio and revise my resume if needed. It was a 1 on 1 interview, and I was told to have my resume and my portfolio ready to show him.  During the interview I had to showcase my work to him and he asked questions on my artwork, asking questions like ‘How did I do this?” or “What was the process of doing this?” Another question that was asked was “ What are my strengths and weaknesses?”, “Why did I want to intern here?” and “What can I bring to the internship?”. After all the questions he asked me if I’ll like to take the position and I told him yes.  I started exactly a week from the interview.