Assignment 5

The Arts and Crafts Movement first started in England in the 1860s, it soon migrated to the United States in the 1880s. Thanks to many people like designers and historians who are able to help push the movement to be well known. The Arts and Crafts Movement has played an important part in everyday life. It where creativity was finally being acknowledged and reformed to an entire movement

The Arts and Crafts movement had the goal to change the quality of design and changing how the artist worked. This first started when the quality of book designs and productions declined. Finally, a book-design renaissance began, which was the first book limited edition art object. This was the start of commercial production and the start of the Arts and Craft movement.

During the Arts and Craft movement, the most important rule was to focus on the design values from medieval-like craft guilds.” There was also an improvement in space use, they made sure to have a good amount of space everywhere. This technique helped with balance and organization. A Lot of the designs had flowers because they wanted to include nature, have nature was believed to bring harmony to the design.

When The Arts and Craft movement moved to America things were starting to make a huge turn. Americans wanted to mold the Arts and Craft movement in order to more recognition. Americans wanted to make the designs more simply because they felt that it would help it expand more. They figured that the more simple it was, the more it’ll be pleased by more people.