Blog 12- My Role Model

Before I worked at this internship, I never really had a mentor. I always have family and friends who I looked up to but I’ve never been able to connect with an adult other than a family member. The more I interned the more I started to see Prof Vargas as a mentor. He always gave me great advice and was something I always wanted pointers from.

Prof. Vargas is someone who has a lot of resources and knowledge and is always willing to share more information with me. Being that I’m a photographer, I don’t know many photographers who are willing to mentor me so this is why I appreciate Prof Vargas. There have been many times when I felt discouraged about my photography, and he ne

ver held back to give good feedback. His feedback was always blunt and helped me to take criticism better and knowing how to allow it to make my work better.

I never knew how important it was to have a mentor until I started this internship. Having a mentor is very important because they teach you things your friends and families can’t. Professional relationships are very important because they can help further your career and bring new resources to you.