Podcast- Zero to Seven Figures Entrepreneur Podcast

I’ve always loved listening to Podcast, it’s the best way to learn new things while still being able to multitask.  I found a Podcast called “Zero to Seven Figures Entrepreneur Podcast. ” This Podcast has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 and 104 ratings.  What drew me to this Podcast is that most of the episodes are short and he’s able to teach me a lot of great tips in under 10 minutes. 


I love that the episodes are short because I often get distracted and seem to zone out.  Luckily this Postcast allows me to not zone out and and I’m able to go through several topics.  I love when Podcasts get straight to the point and they don’t leave to hanging for majority of it.  I feel that this Podcast is perfect because it talks about the same things that I could apply to new business opportunity. 


My favorite episode is “How to Sound Smarter When You Are Networking. ” Listening to this episode gave me the confidence I needed before I went to my first networking event.  One tip that I loved that he said is “Watch your tone when asking a big question” When I ask a question that makes me feel uncomfortable, I often lower my voice. In the episode he said this may come across as me not being confident and insecure and cause me to lose a potential connection. When Networking it’s very important to a confident and ask questions with a voice of power.


Another big tip was to not be afraid of silence, I often start to overthink too much and feel that I have to say something else.  After listening to the Podcast I learned that silence isn’t always bad. He mentions that people often start adding filler words like “umm” which isn’t good.  I often feel pressure that I have to say something with causes me to either use a lot of filler words or ramble. Thanks to that Podcast I know that silence isn’t a bad thing and to take it one step at a time.  


This is an amazing Podcast that offers amazing tips on under 10 minutes.  The episodes are short and sweet and you’re guaranteed to leave with new tips on bettering yourself