Blog 9 – My Second Networking Event

“Networking is an investment for your company.” This quote I heard from Michelle Obama resonates with me so much.  When I attended my first networking event, my eyes were opened to so many new opportunities. I wanted to explore more and see who else could I meet, so we can both pass along our knowledge.  Greatly during club hours, my school always has great networking events. 


On Thursday, for my internship I always have to research what’s going on during club hours so I can go there to shoot and mingle.  The very first event at city tech that I attended was for when “Chris Do” came to City Tech. This my first time hearing about Chris Do, but prior to the event I did my research about him and learning a lot of facts about him.  Chris Do is an Emmy award winning designer, founder and CEO of Blind, Inc., where he oversees the creative and strategic direction of the company.  I was excited to be able to shoot such a great business man like him.


I’m glad I attended the event because I learned a lot of new things. Being creative is hard when it comes to finding steady income, at least for me.  Thankfully my parents are supportive of me but a lot of my friends who are creative don’t have that same support. There’s a lot of parents who say “Get a 9-5” or “This is a hobby, not a job” Meanwhile, Chris Do is here doing the total opposite and showing us that it’s very possible.  Chris Do came and gave me hope, he told us step by step through the do’s and don’ts to be successful. 


Chris Do was able to explain everything to us and answered all the questions creatives have.  One question he answered that I loved was knowing how to charge other people. The topic of the question was, if we should charge “per hour” or “per project. “ This is a question I’ve always had, whenever it’s time to talk pricing I always start to feel uncomfortable.  To shorten his answer it’s best to charge my “per project” and making sure to calculate all the time it took to do the project. This is true because people may love the end result but never know what it took to get there.  


I’m glad I came because I learned a lot of new things that I will definitely take it with me.