Assignment 2

Janae Harrison



Writing was evolving around the world, there was still a certain issue when trying to express certain things. This problem caused small literacy and not being able to gain great power in early cultures. Finally, the invention of alphabets was created. Alphabets are the first two Greek letter which is “alpha” and “beta.” Alphabets were the first huge step forward for human communication. Without Alphabets, it’ll be hard for us to communicate.


Alphabets are a set of visual symbols or characters used to show sounds of spoken language. Alphabets brought together visual configurations signifying sounds, syllables, and words when talking. In Minoan civilization started off with picture symbols, there was also founding of pictographs which started to turn into linear script writing. It’s possible that this founding was before the Greek alphabet. There are still many arguments as to if these were the start of alphabets.


There’s still a mystery as to who invented alphabets, Northwest Semitic people are one of the biggest sources. Because of how successful their language was they had a lot of advancements. In an example, their sailing ships were the fastest, they had the best engineering in the ancient world and their ideas and influences were spreading all over.  Once it started spreading different people started their own language around the alphabet.


Greeks are the only people who do not use vowels, this made them unique from everyone else. Since they had a unique way they had to go around teaching other people so it can spread all over. The Aramaic alphabet was first used by tribes in Aram, now it can be found in Afghanistan, India, and Egypt. This is both modern Hebrew and Arabic. These both alphabets were made to be read from left to right.


Alphabets are very important, without it communication would be almost impossible. Being able to communicate it helps you to have power, intelligence, and control. A world without Alphabet would be hard to do things such as simply having a conversation.