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It’s a world of wonder; everyone stared at me with questioning eyes as if I was an alien
from outer space. I was as curious as they were; this new place was completely out of mmy.
imagination. I looked around attempting to find someone that had a face like mine. but I
failed. According to my observation, I was one of the only two Asians at our school. All alone in a brand-new world with no one I knew or I was familiar with, I felt disappointed and frustrated. It was my one of my first days in the U.S. After school, I sat down next to my window at home, and a rain seemed to started to fall.

I called my friend in China. I excitedly talked to her about McDonalds’ and the delicious chocolate chips cookies. For a minute, my sadness seemed to fade away, but it soon came back in a greater scale.

“How is the school? Did you make new friends?” She asked.

“Um…School is fine…”I paused for a while and said, “Everyone seemed nice…” My
voice waned notably. I choked on words. It was late at night in China; we hung up the phone. The room became quiet again. Tears dropped from my eyes, silently and non-stop. And the rain finally began to pour. Suddenly a flash light coming through the window hurt my eyes. It was my dad coming back from work. As he prepared for dinner, he handed me a mail, “read it and see what it means”

I read it casually and responded impatiently, “How am I supposed to know?”
“What? You should know these things, now that you are going to a school in America,”
my dad said in a rage.
“But I have just been here only for a mouth!” His comments were unjust, and I chose to ignore him. He didn’t understand anything. He did not know how difficult it was for me to catch up in school work, and how lonely I was. I complained about my parents in my mind for a thousand times. and I could not fall into sleep that night. I woke up at midnight to go to the bathroom. As I walked through the hallway, I heard my dad’s voice.
“I almost fell asleep when I was driving home. I was so tried moving the heavy boxes off of the trucks all day long.”
My mom added, “Yeah, but at least our daughter can graduate from college and get a good job. She must be struggling with this new environment right now, but hopefully it will benefit her in the future.”

Suddenly, I felt so guilty. My parents had good jobs as a registered nurse and an office clerk in China. Now they are both working in service industries. I realized how much my parents sacrificed for me and my future. But all I am doing is complaining. I needed to change. I could not be as childish as I used to be.
8 years pass I moved in New York City, a culture melting pot. Right now, I am at my last semester to be graduate, I am one step closer to my America dream. Internship let me getting professional experience and apply what I learn from these four years. And I also worked part time after school to earn my own allowance. Most importantly, I opened my mind for more diverse cultures and now I have too many friends to be lonely. Time flies and life changes, today brings a new version of me. And every day, I evolve to be more independent, motivated and hard working.


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