Assessment 2 Class Feb 21 review.

Class Feb 24 review.


In today’s class I learn if we need to success, we need so many things beside design skill, we need to be psychology heathy, have a strong faith and believe in our self. Also other things like expect challenge, great self-managements skills. I need to be enthusiastic in what I like to do. In the design bossiness world, we can’t choice what project we like to do to make money, so, we have to except the challenge and be patience.


I also learn about if we need to get a job or keep having jobs and resource if doing freelance, we need to be social. Attend to different activity, job conferences, job fair, design competition etc. I also learn where to apply for jobs, there are many website out there I can use like:,, AIGA,etc. Also we can use those job agencies like creative circle.


If I wanted to be a freelance designer there are more skills require me to have like Accounting, learn to manage my money, be my own boss, negotiate salary. Client relations, know how to communicate with client, know how to explain things when accident happen, comfort client if anything that make them unhappy. Also, most important: have a bottom line, know how to refuse a ridiculousness request.


So far what I need right now is gathering my best work to build a portfolio. Therefore I will take time to do my best in all of my school projects, also join design club to build up my network, because you never know how you get your first job.