Art and Copy

One champion that real got my attention was the Tommy Hilfiger champion by George Lois. Talking about George Lois, we will naturally think of “madman” and “genius”. Yes, the mysterious legend of the advertising industry, with his unique charm and power in the advertising. The guy makes Tommy Hilfiger become famous in one night. In his champion, Lois place three famous designer names at the same level with Tommy Hilfiger at a time that nobody knew who is Tommy Hilfiger. Although he has the dash as blank, but people could know who are they in a second, because Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and Perry Ellis already has huge success in the fashion business, Obviously, George Lois is try to target people who know fashion, people who know about fashion would know who they are those three guys instantly, and would wonder who is the fourth guy. Therefore, people would wonder “who they hell is Tommy Hilfiger?” George Lois wants to get people’s attention by piss them off. Even those three guys in the same board with Tommy would think how dear this guy. This is about psychology, he plays with people’s mind and action. At the first time, Tommy was sock by George’s idea, he though this might make him become the end of his idea, he though he’s taking a risk but in fact it is a risk, but very worth it. When people find out Tommy Hilfiger ‘s clothing, they would pay attention to the design, people would quickly compare him with the other three famous guy. There are people said “A good advertising would make a bad product die faster.” In this case, Tommy’s brand didn’t die, but became as famous as those brand, this is proving Tommy Hilfiger has great product, they just need find a way to let people know, and George Lois make it happen.


How is lateral (out of the box) thinking helps to create successful marketing experience?

We human nature like to pay attention to unusual and abnormal. When we walk on the street, we would look at people that dress special, the way their hair, and many things else. When you walk, if you see guy suddenly dance in front of you, you would keep look at him and think what’s wrong with this person. Same thing is the Advertising business; all they want is to get people’s attention, by doing that you have to create ad that’s unique so people would remember or be curious. Think outside of the box is a very important technique create an ad.


I think advertising is more about a strategy on marketing but using an artistic expression, such as music, drawing, video etc. In graphic design, it’s all about how to make a message look good and easy to read and understand, but in advertising it’s all about the message. You have to design a message that get people’s attention and have a moment that make people think “wow that’s creative.” This movie makes me want to change my major form graphic design to advertisement design. Those ads create by DDB, George Lois, and David Ogilvy are just very enjoying to see. The creativity gets my attention; the business is huge. If you want to stand out from the other products, only a good advertisement is not enough, let the product speak for them self. Only good product worth to be advertise.