How citytech help you in your internship

In my regular daily work at Flushing Town Hall, My main job is to update their flyer for upcoming events and performance. they have a setup layout as their branding design; their branding is a half size curve window shape, at the right side bottom, that is where the picture should be placed at. the rest is the text and information. But my challenge is to make the photo interact with the window shape so it would be more interesting.

In school, we taught to use Indesign to layout print stuff, but for them, they ask me to use Photoshop, although I know is not that professional, but I think I need do that they ask for because they know what they want better than I do. The technique that I use the most is quick select and mask because most the time I have to mask out the figure and change the background to make it fit the frame or change the color so it matches the text color. I learn this from the raster and vector class in my junior year.

Right now, I already have done 7 flyers for different kinds of performance, although it’s the same layout, they all look unique because my photoshop skill help me makes the photo become interesting in their own way. Now, I think photoshop is better to layout a commercial type poster than Indesign, because you can do whatever you want with the picture.