My Work Environment

The Flushing Town Hall is the member of New York City’s Cultural Institution Group (CIG), and they are Flushing Council on Culture and the Arts (FCCA). Their mission is to bring high-quality global art and performance to everyone, also help the artist to achieve their best performance. This place has about 17 staff member in total. Their core position is Education Administrator, Executive & Artistic Director, Marketing and Community Engagement. I work with Marketing team to make print and digital advertising materials.

All of them are very nice people, some of them usually bring snacks to share with everyone. I share my office with other marketing interns, we all have a different schedule but we meet each other very often, they all come from Queen’s college. I do learn something from other interns because we all have a very different cultural background.

Usually, my day will be checking in with my Mentor see what to do for the day, most of the time I update the flyer template for upcoming events. Sometimes I do design new layouts poster or postcard. This place has many exciting and high-quality shows and events with a very low price. check out their website.