Assignment 3-Personal Design Style

What is author in graphic design? it is Originality; conceptual design emphasizes the originality idea and originality of the design, and excludes existing things from both form and content. Of course, this is not to say that you cannot use the existing layout and material practices that have used in the past, but must be used in new ways and in new perspectives.


Concept is very important to be include in your design. The concept of the formation of the phenomenon of life is refined, summary, abstract results. Any concept has a certain degree of abstraction, it comes from my extraction of a certain idea or ideas, we want to advocate, propaganda and we want to express some kind of image.


Design without concept. In the design practice, there are many people do design without a concept but also to create a good work. However, those work will soon forget by people. A good designers before they start to do the work, always have a clear dominant idea to achieve, what is the goals ?  to reflect what spirit, highlighting what’s featuring, these are the concept of design connotation.


American graphic designer Ellen Lupton was once writing a book entitled “graphic design thinking” the content is for graphic design how to organize ideas, how to give design a certain idea or ideas, Better promote businesses and products, and guide consumers. At that time, few people from the “conceptual design” point of view, attention to this problem. In the design field has always been and strive to practice the “conceptual design” is the industrial design, due to industrial products with mass, automation and fashion characteristics, design impact on the production area more direct, the market information to reflect more quickly, More sensitive, before promotion of a new product, the concept of design is very important.


What are some element author your design? First, Symbols, signs appear as a graphical symbol, with more intuitive, more direct information to convey the role. There are many types of signs. Classification by nature, signs can be divided into indicative signs and symbolic signs. Indicative signs have definite direct correspondence with the objects they are indicated, and symbolic signs can not only represent a thing and its existence, but also show abstract concepts including its purpose, content, and character. Second, font design; font design mainly in Chinese font design and Western font design. Design fonts include variations of the underlying font design, decorations and calligraphy bodies. More other element will be logo design; logo design must strive to be simple, easy to public recognition, understanding and memory, emphasizing the information to convey, while pay attention to pleasing artistic. Design techniques are like law, abstract law, text law and comprehensive law. Third, illustration design: illustrations must be based on the transmission of information, media and objects of different, select the appropriate form and style. last, layout design: layout design, that is, editing and layout design, refers to the text, signs and illustrations and other visual elements of the combination of the design.