Field trip to New York Daily News

When I know we are going to the New York Daily News I was very excited and have a high expectation on this trip. This is my first time visit a professional graphic design work place. I always wanted to know how is it like to work in a big company like New York Daily News, today, my dream came true. I wish we can have more field trip like this.


We greeted the creative director Paul Kim in the lobby, it was nice to meet him and have him as our tour guide. We began our trip with a walk around the whole office. I was very curious and look around the place, I was very impress by those giant posters of their new paper cover on the wall. It was a collection from the first new paper to now day, also its exclusive with the breaking news cover only. It was nice to see the change from old time to now in term of typography and photograph. As we walk we see a wall with those most famous photograph that has been publish on the newspaper, there are explode scene, people saving other’s life, and also 911. Those are very powerful shot photograph that you will never forget after you see it.


Later, we all walk into the conference room. Paul and his team will talk about what they do in their job and answer our question. One of our student ask what type of program they use in their job. They introduce UX & UI and a program call Sketch. I never hear of those program in school, but they explain how they work with these program, now I think we have to learn more in order to get a job. Some of his teammate said they learn how to use them when they start to work here. I guess we always have things to learn new things in order to keep a job.


Moving on, Paul talks about something you have to think about when doing design. He said: “ when we do digital graphic design, we have think about what are we building and who use it.” This is so true because a successful design should be user friendly to the target audience. He also talks about what’s the right thing to do to get a internship or a job. Let the interviewer know you are will to learn, and do extra work. Don’t put personal stuff on portfolio of its not perfectly done. Write a thank you email after your interview. Able to explain your work, how you came up with design of design.


I do learn a lot from Paul and his team. At least I have a better idea what should I do if I want to get a job in the real world, what to do is helpful and what is not. I also feel I have so much to learn, I will read more books about graphic design and keep myself in trend of what people is doing out there. Now I think books is very important, it more useful than google in internet. Paula Scher also get her inspiration on books. I hope we can have more field trip like this to see what’s going on in the real world. It was a very amazing experience to have.