How do I find my Internship

Finding an internship is not easy, specially finding a place that you like to work for. I looked up on the website call indeed and They both has many resources that I can apply easily. Of course I got to have my resume, and online portfolio ready. So I started my search from the middle of December, I apply 5-7 places each week, only a few will reach back to me. So I do went to three interviews, the first one I did not made it, same as the second one. Finally, I got the offer from the third one, it’s consulting company that also do advertising for business. But guess what, this is not the end of the story.

Before I went to the third interview I had sent an email to the place I used to an intern 5 years ago, It’s art and culture organization that host events and performance, back then, my job is just to answer the phone and do photo copy, etc., very boring stuff. I sent an email to my mentor, I say hello to him and telling him I am graduating college and interesting to take a position as graphic design intern. I didn’t expect he would reply me, and I just want to give it a try. But he actually did, I was very surprise when see the reply email and he told me he asks the marketing manager about this, and they said yes! I was very excited and happy because I really like the people over they are all nice people. I got a buddy over there who work as faculty support, he always shares he’s life stories with me and he’s funny.

I wrote an email to the marketing manager, and I sent him my resume and ask him when he’s available to meet me. I waited one day he did reply so I decided to show up the next day, because I have to give an answer to that consulting company that I am not going, I am being very initiative at the same time. SoI show up and he’s surprise. But he was very professional he started a small meeting with immediately, we discuss about what I will do for my job, the working schedule, etc. I brought some Chinese candy for my mentor since it Chinese New Year the next day. I think he’s a very smart guy; he share the candy with office and wrote an email to everyone that I am back for graphic design intern and brought them candy ! And everyone in the office said thank you to me and welcome me back!