Field trip to Anomaly

I am so glad that we have the chance to visit Anomaly, the best advertising agency in New York City. When we first got up to 11 floor I first notice that this place doesn’t look like traditional office to me, it very different from the office in New York Daily News. There’s a wall with many modern art hanging and a book case that classify their books with colors. They even have a basketball hoop hanging up on the wall, and there are three basketballs next to it. I never can imaging people can play basketball in the office, Anomaly breaks the rule. What even surprise me is they have a little dog in there, running around like this place is his home.

We waited on their sofa for a while then a women come up and about to give us a tour, I forgot her name but she’s a very cool looking women. Anomaly occupied 6 floors in the building, they first start with only floor 11 in New York, as the company grow bigger, they are a worldwide ad agency, total of 6 agencies in different part of the world. As we walk around the place they told us the office seating is organize by account, people doing You Tube would be at one place. Also every floor has kitchen, “kitchen is our culture.” The women said. I really like this company culture because kitchen is defined a place as home, I would feel more relax at work in a place like Anomaly, I also believe a good working atmosphere is very important especially for people creative field. Inspiration would only come up in a relax mood. On a lower level, they have a bar where company would have a conference with clients. That’s something new to me, not something we would think of when we talk about a work place. They also do their own video shooting and video editing in there, the whole production line happen in that building.

After we look around the building the last part of this visit is, they will do a presentation on what is Anomaly how they work with clients and talk about the campaign they have done. Anomaly help clients take advantage of this new landscape, no matter where they are starting on the spectrum. From my own understanding, this means Anomaly will give a company a new life, new type of marketing platform, new way of consumer interactive, new perspective to the target. Like make blockbuster to Netflix, Kodak to Instagram. The way they work with a brand is not only design, it all about strategy. Strategy in different area, there are business strategy, cultural strategy, brand strategy and consumer strategy. A concept will work only if it satisfies those four area. Anomaly been working with many well know companies like: Google, Hershey, Nike, coca cola.


Last, we have a person from the design department to talk about how they do design on branding.  He introduces a company that makes marihuana pen for people. I was shock, because marijuana is illegal to have in New York. As he go on, he said the target audience is people in CA, which is a legal state to smoke marijuana. He talks about the color choice, fonts choice and other design elements for the brands, how they work together. They he introduces a nail polish brand call sally Hansen. They redesign the logo and their campaign poster with a new trend. The old ad which is always with the hand on the face, they break that rule, they introduce a new modeling style to the produce which more fashion and feel young.


This was a very enjoyable experience to visit Anomaly, they teach me that a good company is not only focus on work also the importance of to have a company work culture to drive creativity.