Meet the pro event

This is the first time I join this great event, I missed all those in the past but not today. This event is host in N119. As I walk in, they ask you to write and name tac, according to your major they assisted you to the pro that comes from the same area. Today’s event they invited many past students from the communication design department. They are going to share the experience with us about how to get a job and what you need to survive in your job.

They group us into 4, each pro will answer any question you have. I was in a group, one of us ask the Pro how do you get your job. He answer that he started with internship, and he keeps doing this after one and other until he got an offer. He told us, there’s a lot of No before Yes, what you have to do is believe your self, not let anyone put you down, it’s important, be confident with your work. Hard work will pay off someday, all you have to do is try and try. I was very motivated by his word because I was one of those people who keep worrying that I find a job, he gave me a right direction and the right attitude.

After the question and answer, we move on to play games. we mix up our group to play bingo and there would be a prize if you win. I really enjoy this event because it’s fun, and I got to meet some very positive people. Also, there are snacks and drink, this makes feel like a party than a serious event. I hope I can participate in more event like this even after I graduated.