What Kind of Graphic designer am I ?

Four year ago I decide go to this major as designer. When I grow up I am always good at fine art class, I am good at drawing and painting. I took summer class to learn how to Chinese fine art, I always doing well. It’s my hobby, I can’t sit for an hour to learn piano but I can sit 5 hours to paint. Before I decide to go into this major I do think about to learn fine art, but it too late for me to start, when other kid finish learning the basic skill I am still learning English, because I am immigrant student. Then I tell myself I have to be realistic about my life, I was so happy that our school offering this major, so I can make so money and doing things I like. I like art, it simple.


I still remember after two year associate I have to think about which modules I should go into in the next two years. I thought about advertising design for a while but I give up after I had Pro. David Dougles. He just training as us like we are in a real ad agency, I work hard and do my best for it, but I do realize myself is not is not an advertising person. So I decide to get into a graphic design module, where I can continue my passion and enthusiasm for graphic design,


After three years training as graphic designer. I did logos, branding, packaging, I even taking elective for advertising design, but I found myself like to do book layout, and magazine layout, or any type of informational publication. I am more into publication design. Sometimes I imaging one day I can own a magazine studio. I like photography at the same time, I imagine myself doing photograph and layout for magazine, in other I want to be an art director and production manager.


When talk about how I want to start up my career, I am to start up as in house designer, work for a company or a brand. I think I need stable jobs first and save up my money for later to have my own studio. Also considering my experience. After I got out of school I am basically a blank page, I like to have someone to train me to be more perfection. I like creativity but sometime I just afraid I would run out of idea or inspiration, therefore, in house designer is my first choice to start my career.