A typical day at my Intership

This is my 4th week on my site, I have done so many flyers for them.  So, today, My mentor asked me to create an Annual Gala invitation postcard for them. I was very excited about because it’s the first time I have the chance to create some new.

The first thing to do is look at what they already had, my mentor show me an example from last year, he was honest about the work, he thinks this is not the best one, so he wants me to create something more excited. I took their card and take a serious look at it. I pay attention to their work and the details, I examined what word is important what should emphasize.

So, I started my progress by look for inspiration online, I look up a lot of Annual Gala and I sketch 12 of them, both horizontal and vertical. then I show my mentor, he picks two of the best one that he likes and asks me to start to lay it out on the computer. He asks me to also include their branding elements which are an arch window shape. so I did it, I also create a different color scheme style for each of the layouts. My mentor has assisted in the type size, position and the color in my creation progress, I finalize the 6 of them and ready to show the Director of the house to approve. So, I and my mentor sited together and the director she looks at my design serious, she did have a few common on the color, but she said she can’t decide, she will send to the committee member.

The next day I came to the office, I ask mentor how was the invitation, which one they decide. My mentor tells me they don’t like both of them. This is a shock to me because I and my mentor spent a lot of time and though on it. I was a bit disappointed but I excepted this answer, So I ask what kind of art direction they like. My mentor also didn’t happy about it, he told they don’t anything that prefer, he said they don’t work well as a team.  So my mentor did some very simple layout for them, just a photo of our building as background and some simple type, do typography at all. I guess this is what it is when you work for a organization that has a traditional historical art direction, they don’t like any new and excited.