Commercial Analysis

Product: Snickers commercial in China

The Snicker is a chocolate bar made of Mars food crop. This bar contains roasted peanuts and caramel composed of “nougat”, wrapped in milk chocolate cover. The Snicker also satisfies the two needs, physiological needs and social needs.

The target audience is young people. Young people are energetic, like sports, like to challenging new things, while young people in growth of their body, they need to consume energy, and easy to feel hungry. Snickers can meet their needs for hunger, but also meet their basic needs of minerals and nutrients, but also as a daily snack. In the social needs, eating chocolate has become a fashion trend of contemporary people, and the unique taste of the sweet taste of salty to make it different, milk chocolate, wrapped in soft caramel, as well as crisp roasted peanuts, this taste is also greatly meet the consumer demand for chocolate tastes, causing consumers with a great desire to buy.

Accurate brand positioning is the most basic and most important part. Only to establish an accurate positioning in order to develop the appropriate brand communication strategy to carry out brand communication activities, thereby enhancing the brand and product awareness and reputation. Among the many chocolate brands, some of them has their brand image as romantic, and some to honor as the royal, and Snickers has their brand positioning of the “movement”, “energy”, “sweeping hunger.” In its brand and product transmission, the company run their promotions base on this position. Now Snicker has become a “movement”, “energy” synonymous.

About the Commercial: Is a Lin Daiyu in the soccer play, position as a goalkeeper but lack of effort, was blamed by teammates. And then after eat the Snicker she change back to a strong man. This story is a sensual excitement, through the movement of the scene, to reflect the application of when you mostly need Snicker, Is when you play sport, and then from Lin Daiyu back to the man, is to reflect the effect of Snicker. Finally add the “peanut caramel, Snickers sweep hungry” advertising words. Tell the consumer, there are a lot of energy inside the bar, able to sweep hunger.

In terms of graphic symbolism, this commercial is design for high content society for Chinese people. Lin Daiyu is a character from a famous Chinese literaturevery well knowing in young people because of several TV drama has shown a very impressive character image as a symbol of weakness. Energy from strong to weak, from weak to strong conversion, dramatic contrast. When consumers need energy, especially when they are hungry and play sport, lack of energy make  they cannot perform their best, may be as weak as Lin Daiyu, and when consumers eat Snickers, it quickly added energy to continue whatever they are doing and be at their best. “value as their use-value, and that the phenomenon of sign-value has become an essential constituent of the commodity and  consumption in the consumer society.” In this case the true value is the recognition of the Daiyu impression, How Snicker use this is very important and they did it in a very successful way.