Spring Fever Social Event

Callen-Lorde is a community health center providing quality medical care to LGBTQ community, They had this Spring Fever fund r event for over 10 years. I was luckily invited by Rainie to join this celebration. This event is to honor the hard work of this organization and honor the people who had been really supportive, and people work hard to make the change to the world regarding bringing more benefit to the LGBTQ group.

We had arrived late, but it’s just the right timing when Ms.Lydia about to speak. she’s the speaking guest for this event, she’s chief editor in New York Times for 15 years. She shares her experience as lesbian women who fight for her career 15 years ago and try to make difference for the LGBTQ community. She had a sponsorship with the Callen-Lorde Organization for many years. we all cheer for her achievement while she’s giving her speech.

After that, the music is on and the cocktail is ready. we were just walking around and talk to people. Last, we had a little gift on our way out, a tote bag and an   umbrella.